Thunderclap Talks - Session 8A - TNC 15

Recording date: 17/06/2015
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Thunderclap Talks are the second session of the Lightning talks at TNC15 and are 5 minute presentations focusing on one key point. This can be an idea, successful project, a cautionary story, collaboration invitation, quick tip or demonstration. This session is an opportunity for ideas to get the attention they deserve. The rules for this session are easy: five minutes and only five minutes. Use this time wisely to present the pertinent message of the subject matter without the need to cover the historical background, an analysis of the problem space or business case justifications. For more presentations remember to check out Lightning Talks earlier in the week. Presentations Exam killer apps preying on networks Ingrid Melve Extending InfiniBand to Trans Continential Distances Andrew Howard Do You Want To Build An NREN? The BdREN Project Brian Nisbet Disruptive Innovation in the NREN Community Thokozani Eric Khwela Cloud disaster recovery over the GÉANT network Stratos Psomadakis An international Openstack deployment for network management David Wilde Catlfish - An Implementation of Certificate Transparency in GN3+ Magnus Ahltorp Linus Nordberg How to fix wifi - with crowdsourced monitoring Dave Wilson A Cyberpractitioner Program Steve Wolff A call for collaboration Nicolas Loriau Maurice van den Akker The MEAL project: a cautionary tale from the GN3plus Open Call Mark O'Leary What is the Role of HW Acceleration in the SW Defined World? Lukáš Kekely Network Buffer Issues for High Bandwidth Wide Area Data Flows Brian Tierney SDN based DDoS detection using SciPass and Bro Hans Addleman The Opencast Opportunity Sven Stauber

Chair: Guido Aben AARNet Chair: Brook Schofield GÉANT Ingrid Melve Andrew Howard Brian Nisbet Thokozani Eric Khwela Stratos Psomadakis David Wilde Magnus Ahltorp Linus Nordberg Dave Wilson Steve Wolff Nicolas Loriau Maurice van den Akker Mark O'Leary Lukáš Kekely Brian Tierney Hans Addleman Sven Stauber