PANEL - TNC15 Science Engagement Round Table - Session 11A - TNC 15

Recording date: 18/06/2015
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The networks that NRENs provide for scientific research have the ability to enhance scientific output and enable scientific breakthroughs. This is especially true for data- intensive science where in many cases the network is already an integral part of an eScience architecture serving many experiments and is a key contributor to scientific discoveries. However, many science collaborations that would like to use the network to accelerate and improve their research have difficulty integrating high-performance networks into their scientific workflows. Often it is productive for NREN staff to help science collaborations optimize their workflows. Increasingly NREN staff members are being assembled into emerging Science Engagement teams. These teams are fully devoted to engaging research communities to understand and improve their workflows and translate this into network and/or technology requirements. Science Engagement teams may perform a variety of functions, depending on the specific needs and services of each NRENâs constituency. This may include for instance requirements gathering and analysis to support the development of NREN services, performance analysis for improving data-intensive workflows, and network architecture and systems design consulting with the senior leadership of science collaborations. In addition they may facilitate virtual organizations with their collaboration infrastructure by giving them access to authentication and authorisation middleware and services to collaborate and enhance their science. This way Science Engagement teams not only contribute to improved scientific workflows, but also to a more âmarket pullâ centric innovation in contrast to technology push. The Science Engagement session will be structured as a round table discussion with short introductory talks by the four participants, with moderated discussion to follow. Presentations Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Eli Dart SURFnet Sylvia Kuijpers DFN Jakob Tendel GÉANT Roberto Sabatino REANNZ Steve Cotter

Chair: Ana Hunsinger, INTERNET2 Chair: Eli Dart Lawrence, Berkeley National Laboratory Eli Dart Sylvia Kuijpers Jakob Tendel Roberto Sabatino Steve Cotter