Applications that transcend the globe - Session 11D - TNC 15

Recording date: 18/06/2015
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Over the past few years, more and more National Research and Education (NREN) has sprung up across the globe especially in less developed countries. They have been seen as critical infrastructure to bridge the digital divide. Regional Research and Education Networks (RRENs)has also appeared in various part of the world, eg. Central Asia Research and Education Network(CAREN), Trans-EurAsia Information Network(TEIN). One of the major drivers of NREN and RRENs success is the applications that it has enabled over the years and the collaboration and community that it has nurtured. Yet there is more that the network community can do by working together with the various application communities. The session will have the domain experts/champions speaking on their application and the success and challenges faced in building the community, eg. Telemedicine, Square Kilometer Array, Glacier and Climate change monitoring. Presentations Applications that transcend the globe Bu Sung Lee Telemedicine project in Asia-Pacific: Changing needs and current problems Shuji Shimizu High-speed access to data from sensors and seismic stations - CAREN Askar Kutanov Square Kilometre Array(SKA) project Mary Fleming

Chair: Bu Sung Lee, Trans EurAsia Information Networks Chair: Helmut Sverenyák, CESNET Bu Sung Lee Shuji Shimizu Askar Kutanov Mary Fleming